The Broadway Musical Geography Quiz

The Broadway Musical Geography Quiz

How well do you know your Broadway musical geography? That’s right, you are back in high school and being quizzed on the world, but we are doing it Broadway style. Demonstrate your prowess as a Broadway enthusiast and see how many of these geography questions that you can answer. Comment your answers in the comment section directly within this article (not Twitter or Facebook) and the first person to get all forty correct will win an Anastasia cast album signed by Stephen Flaherty, Lynn Ahrens and the cast, courtesy of Broadway Records. Be sure to read each question carefully, as some of them require multiple answers. Good luck and Bon Voyage!

1.     What is the official residence of Professor Henry Higgins?

2.     In what European city would you check into the Grand Hotel and possibly run into Otto Kringelein?

3.     The Kit Kat Club is a seedy cabaret in what city?

4.     Lady Larkin is encouraged to run away to this French Province?

5.     In The King and I, what country is Tuptim a gift from?

6.     In Me and My Girl, the Duchess invites the crème-de-la-creme of society to weekend at her family manse in this English county town?

7.     In what town and state might you find Kim MacAfee and Hugo Peabody?

8.     What mystical town might appear while you are visiting the Highlands of Scotland? 

9.     In the Broadway production of Chess, the tournaments are held in these two cities? 

10.  In Company, April the stewardess needs to fly to this city after her overnight stay with Bobby? 

11.  In The Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, Ms. Mona tells us the story of how she hailed from this Texas town? 

12.  Ruth and Eileen Sherwood move to NYC from this state?

13.  What street is Dolly Levi excited to return to the lights of?

14.  Finian McLonergan wants a piece of land in this fictional town, in this fictional state? 

15.  What city does Eva Peron announce that she will take by storm?

16.  Auntie Mame resides at this address?

17.  In Nick & Nora, characters visit this nightclub for the show’s climax? 

18.  In South Pacific, this tropical island is the desired location of Luther Billis?

19.  In Pippin, the title character kills his father in a temple in this French city?

20.  In Lost in the Stars, the characters sing about a train to this city? 

21.  The French Riviera is the destination of an American Soap Queen in this musical?

22.  What city is the departure point for the train in the opening number of The Music Man

23.  In what Iowa county would you find Francesca Johnson having an affair with a photographer?

24.  If you are a guy taking a doll for a trip where she orders a dulce de leche, you'd probably fly to this city, in this country?

25.  Mabel Normand worked in a deli in this Brooklyn neighborhood?

26.  Millie Dilmount hailed from this Midwestern city and state? 

27.  This San Francisco, Chinatown thoroughfare is celebrated in Flower Drum Song?

28.  In The Sound of Music, the Von Trapp Family Singers perform at a festival in this town? 

 29.  Sweeney Todd was imprisoned at a penal colony at this location (name of the colony and country)?

30.  Sally Adams was the US Ambassador to this fictional country?

31.  John Wilkes Booth approaches Lee Harvey Oswald at the book depository in this Texas city?

32.  Velma Kelly “offed” her husband in this Illinois city? 

33.  Shoeless Joe's hometown: 

34.  The city where June finally abandons her relentless stage mother:

35.  In 1902, Father built a house at the crest of the Broadview Avenue hill in this town?

36.  Here’s Love is a musical adapted from a film about this famous New York City street?

37.  This hamlet is the beloved home of Tevye and his family?

38.  Come From Away is set in this small town, in this Canadian province?

39.  Act One of the musical Sunday in the Park with George is predominantly set on this island?

40.  Finally, Candide is always in search of this idealistic locale?  

Answers: Broadway Musical Geography Quiz

Answers: Broadway Musical Geography Quiz

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