The Trippiest Kids’ Shows of the 70s and 80s

Last week, I wrote an article on the Nickelodeon TV Show You Can’t Do That on Television, surely the genesis for writing this piece, as that show would surely appear on this list. It got me thinking about just how strange many of the kids’ TV shows of the 70s and 80s were, contemplating what, besides sheer fun, the creators were thinking. How many of these bizarre, but ultimately classic, TV shows do you remember?

Review: Hello, Dolly! – The New Broadway Cast Recording

I am a proponent of joy and escapism in the musical theatre, especially in these days where we can use some diversion and smiles. The success of the revival of Hello, Dolly! starring Ms. Bette Midler is proof that there are people out there who agree with my sentiments. It is for this reason that I was eagerly anticipating the New Broadway Cast Recording of Hello, Dolly! Eager, but also hesitant, worried that this musical, with one of the most underappreciated scores would not be preserved with as much spirit and enthusiasm as the original cast recording, or the divine Pearl Bailey led version.

The Ten Best Immersive Rides at Disney World

One of the best parts about riding the rides at Walt Disney World in Florida is the immersive experience you get on so many of these unforgettable attractions. Disney Imagineers have found a way to theme their rides in a way that extracts you from the world you know and places you inside of a story. You aren’t riding for the mere thrill of an amusement park adrenaline rush, you do it to be a part of the story and leave your worries behind. If this is an idea that is attractive to you, here are my recommendations for the ten-best immersive rides at Disney World that you will not want to miss.

Tony Award Categories We'd Like to See

Excitement surrounds the Tony Awards as we wait to see the "best of the best" awarded for their craft and artistry as it pertains to the Broadway Theatre. The announcement of the return of the Sound Design award for next year is an important victory (the category should never have been eradicated in the first place). We are all familiar with the usual categories, but have you ever thought that there are a few areas that are overlooked? Here are some Tony Award categories I think many of us would like to see.